DESIGNER SAREE - The new face of Indian Saree

Published: 01st April 2011
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Every women want to see themselves gorgeous every time, especially when there is any special occasions or festivals. Most probably Indian women choose Saree, not because it is one of our traditional attire, but the look she gets in a Saree is really different from any other wardrobe. That's why is Saree is said to be staple attire of Indian women wardrobe.

As we told, Saree is highly demanding nowadays, let's see why it got this much prominence. The most interesting aspect about Saree is that it is available in numerous styles, designs and patterns and can further be innovated by the way it is draped around. But only problem is that it takes considerable time to be worn, in todays fast paced life, it is losing its top spot to other western outfits. Considered to be auspicious and worn at important functions. But this is overcome by designer Saree which has renewed the interest of the masses and is making this fabric popular across the globe and occasions. The reason why designer Saree are gaining more importance with each passing day is that most women prefer not to wear anything runs of the mill, they want something exclusive which makes a style. Designer Saree display an assortment of embellishments such as embroidery, stonework, decorations, bead work etc.

Each designer conceptualizes a Saree in a different way and creates his/her unique design to catch the eye of customers. That is why they remain in great demand throughout the year on occasions like wedding, social gathering, festivals etc. Designer Saree are sold in different areas across the world. After all, it depends on how much we want to pull out what looks good. It must note that the best thing about designer Saree is that it is a beautiful exotic wear and oodles of some of the work, you can add to its charm. Paisley rich decorative patterns, bar-work and embroidery work on Indian Saree is really exciting.

Besides the usual festivals wedding is the special occasion which comes only once in every girl's life. She wants to be most beautiful on her wedding day. There is no better option than wearing a Saree on this very special day. When comparing to past, now there is wide range of bridal wedding Saree collection available in the market. Wedding Sarees are available in very attractive color combinations with heavy embroidery all over the Saree in an affordable rate. The designer wedding Sarees are designed to add grace and elegance to every bride's personality and dreams.

Important part of the completion of the wedding Saree, embroidered silk Saree or a whole lot of good sequence-based or working arm and back. Not only for the festivals but wearing designer Saree in office gives complete professional look. By pinning up the Saree in office as it gives smart look as well as is comfortable and manageable. If going out for a function star the Saree and let the rest of the Saree fall on your hand. It gives an elegant and attractive look. Even though all have their own style of wearing, it would be better if modern ladies should choose for Saree that have slim borders. As we know If there is one traditional Indian attire which did not lose its charm along with the passage of time, it is the one and only - Saree and now it has got a new face; designer Saree.

Samuel Lukes is working for an Indian Clothing company. You can buy Designer Sarees online. Visit our online showcase of Indian Kurtis.

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